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Online Training

HRO Professional: Roadmap to High Performance Safety

Course by: Danatec Educational Services

SKU: HRO080524

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We are transforming the way safety training is done in High Reliability Organizations.

A proven path to positively impacting organizational culture and sustainable performance is by focusing on strength of safety culture. Your journey begins by exploring the critical need for enhanced safety performance both on a global scale and at an individual level. You’ll identify the limitations of current safety practices and strategize necessary shifts in safety management to elevate performance and business outcomes.

In this course, you'll gain the knowledge and tools to transform safety into a core value within your organization. Learn how to foster accountability, improve communication, and implement continuous improvement strategies that prioritize safety and well-being. Our comprehensive curriculum and practical advice will empower you to make tangible improvements in workplace safe.

With video-rich content, first-person narratives, scenario-based training, interactive animations, knowledge checks and more, we will take you through a transformative journey that will empower you to establish a safer & more resilient workplace.

Take a look at the course structure below, and what HRO professionals will be able to do upon completion of this  training:

Module 1: Performance Imperative
  • Explain the need for better safety performance on an individual and global scale.

Module 2: Current Safety Limitations
  • Identify limitations in current safety practices.  
  • Identify necessary shifts in safety management practices to increase safety performance.

Module 3: Operationalizing Safety Culture 
  • Differentiate between current safety culture methodologies and operationalized safety culture.
  • Outline safety performance measures of an HRO.

Module 4: Performance Measures
  • Explain the purpose of performance measures and the impact they have.
  • Analyze connections between each behavioural anchor and measure.

Module 5: Organisational Learning I
  • Assess how actions of leadership can impact safety culture, and contribute to the safety or risk of incident within their organisation.
  • Analyze connections between an organisation’s role in creating the environment and the actions of the worker.

Module 6: Organisational Learning II
  • Implement an investigation learning framework.
  • Determine the required qualities investigators must have to conduct an exemplary investigation. 

Module 7: Mindfulness
  • Identify and overcome barriers to reporting and strategies to clear the path for reporting. 

Module 8: Sensitivity to Operations
  • Explain the structure of sensitivity to operations including job task analysis, operational procedures/practices, training certification and competency verification.
  • Identify the need to build capacity within organizational systems and their workers to increase safety.

Module 9: Leveraging Safety
  • Accept that operationalized safety culture leads to better business.
  • Identify how operationalized safety culture benefits them.
  • Choose to make safety changes within their organization.