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Transform your approach to Safety

Prioritize a culture where safety is intrinsic, not an afterthought.
Start your journey to a safer future.

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The safety industry is in crisis.

2.78 million workers die every year from occupational injuries or work-related diseases globally.

For High Reliability Organizations (HROs), there’s too much at stake to maintain the status quo. We’re here to help by bridging the performance gap by utilizing applied science to create and sustain a better safety culture and business. 

What is an HRO?

High Reliability Organizations (HROs) are known for their exceptional safety records. They work in high-risk industries with high efficiency and high reliability.

Leaders of HROs know what’s at stake if something goes wrong. These organizations need to forge a path to positively impact organizational culture and sustainable performance by focusing on strength of safety culture.

What are the challenges HROs face?

In high-risk industries, the potential for harm is real. Ensuring safety isn't just about operating safely and being compliant, but also demonstrating your capability to do so. While safety culture is crucial, its real power lies in making it tangible and measurable for consistent implementation. 

The common limitation is making it concrete enough to operationalize it consistently. Operationalizing safety culture means it needs to be distinguishable, understandable, and measurable in terms of practical observations.

Regulatory compliance does not guarantee safety performance.

Compliance is necessary, but not sufficient to ensure safe operations. 

To be effective, compliance needs to make sense and cannot be the only approach to safety. HROs need to have a solid understanding of human and organizational factors and social psychology of risk that shapes behavior. 


Introducing HRO Professional: Roadmap to High Performance Safety training

By providing safety training that is dedicated to HROs, we are providing a framework for human and organizational performance (HOP) principles, social psychology or risk (SpoR), and Behavioural economics. It will provide your leadership with the roadmap to understanding the dynamics of how to create and sustain a great safety culture to achieve HRO performance.

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Who is this training for?


Workplace Safety professionals
such as safety officers, managers, supervisors, and safety committee members.


Professionals working in High Reliability Organizations
such as oil and gas, railway systems, nuclear power plants, air traffic control systems, healthcare facilities, aerospace, and military operations. 


Professionals in regulatory compliance,
risk management, and training.